The case against any Wort’s Causeway housing development

Here’s what a thoroughly well researched argument against a housing development looks like. It was produced by local residents Emma and James Rudd, and is well worth a read. Click here to do so (4 pages, PDF).

Green Belt Development objection

All the consultation comments will be considered by council staff over the next two months and then fed to the Cambridge City Council’s Development Plan Scrutiny Sub-Committee. Residents concerned about the proposed Green Belt development are encouraged to make their views known now to the councillors who are members of this sub-committee. Their conclusions will be sent to the council’s Environment Scrutiny Committee, which will have its own concerns about the Development Plan. So, if residents have specifically environmentally-based issues, it will be worth putting them to the councillors who are members of this committee. The Environment Scrutiny Committee will recommend a revised Local Plan to Full Council following their meeting on 11 June.

It is the Full Council, comprising both City and County Councillors, which will then decide on the proposal after this date. Matters here are complicated by the forthcoming County Council elections, but the topic of Green Belt development will doubtless be one which Queen Edith’s residents will want to put to prospective candidates over the next few weeks.

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