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This website is written by Chris Rand, a resident of Queen Edith’s ward in Cambridge, and covers local planning, developments and elections. I began it in May 2012 as a place to highlight and discuss a particular building project, the proposed development of the EF Language School on the corner of Cavendish Avenue and Hills Road, but moved on to cover wider issues.

I also edit Queen Edith’s magazine, the publication of the Queen Edith’s Community Forum, but please note that this blog is not associated with that.

This blog contains my opinions which I try to keep out of Queen Edith’s magazine!

If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me at chris@chrisrand.com. If you’d like to make any comments on the individual pages, most will have the facility to do so, and you’re encouraged to go right ahead. I’ll tweet any additions to this site on my Twitter account @ChrisRandWrites, or you can join the many local residents on our email list.

To receive automatic emails when anything new is added to this site, fill in your details here. You’ll probably get no more than an email every few weeks, depending on how busy our councillors have been!

Where is Queen Edith’s?

Queen Edith’s is the largely residential area in the south of Cambridge, defined by the Queen Edith’s Community Forum neighbourhood association as the area shown below. Click for a much larger version.

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