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Few subjects get people worked up as much in Queen Edith’s as parking, and it’s not surprising, because the attitude of so many drivers is that the law, courtesy and consideration are things that only apply to other people. For local councillors, dealing with parking issues is almost a full-time activity, and it would be really nice if parking enforcement officers would put in as many hours around these parts.

Here are a few issues which I’ve seen in the last few days. According to our county councillor Amanda Taylor’s blog, there will soon be double-yellow lines put around the corners at a number of junctions, including the roads crossing Baldock Way, as well as opposite junctions, such as where Rock Road meets Blinco Grove. This is a small positive step, but these really shouldn’t be necessary, as common sense tells you that parking in these places is nothing short of idiotic. Then again, many drivers are just that. Amanda’s website has maps of the locations.

Whether or not double-yellow lines will make any difference without any enforcement in evidence is another matter; this coach driver obviously decided it was quite “safe” to leave his vehicle on the double-yellow lines on Cavendish Avenue last Friday, for example:


I’m sure you all have your own examples. Indeed, with so little parking enforcement, almost any bit of concrete now gets parked on; the wide pavement by the new “Marque” development at the Hills Road and Cherry Hinton Road junction is clearly quite irresistible to commercial vehicles:


With this sort of thing going on, it’s hardly surprising that genuine parking spaces, such as those in Nightingale Avenue recreation ground, are being taken up by people who they’re not meant for. It’s commendable for city councillor George Pippas to get better signs asking people not to use the spaces for work parking, but he’s surely wasting his time.

For several years now, we’ve been promised a “parking plan” for the south of the city, but its progress can only be described as glacial. And without enforcement, is it worth spending money on yellow lines in the first place?

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  1. Please, when are the Babraham Road double yellow lines coming? The grass verges are still being used daily by workers at Addenbrookes despite the fact that the huge new car park there (just competed), is now open, With the huge about-to-commence Bell Field development, it will be a worsening situation unless something is done before August 1st.

  2. I saw a coach opposite the one pictured a few days earlier but was out and about so didn’t follow it up. There are official parking areas for coaches so I think we should report them when they are on double yellow lines in residential streets and there could be more at this time of year.

    There are one or two persistent offenders among the taxi drivers. I checked with enforcement and it is still illegal to be there even if they are in the car. Enforcement will come if phoned but there is a short driving off period allowed so taxis would still get away with it. I have asked a few drivers what double yellow lines are for in the past. Some have moved on graciously others less so!

    Enforcement’s number is 01223 727900 but I fear that is only during the working day! Would deal with coaches but not Sunday morning taxis. Panther however will deal with them – quote the licence plate or registration and they will get a message very quickly! Quite effective if standing opposite the car while making the call! 01223 715715.

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