How to object to the Council’s draft local plan ? a guide

The Save The Cambridge Green Belt Campaign has produced a short guide to the otherwise rather baffling process of commenting on the Council’s draft local plan, and if you haven’t had your say, I would urge you to download the guide and follow it through. Also, please send a link to this page to any friends, family or colleagues who might have an interest in objecting to building on the city’s Green Belt. As some of the commenters on this blog have shown, the process is being driven through by political ideologues who simply dismiss local residents as “NIMBYs”, and who are somehow under the illusion that building houses on the Green Belt will create some sort of workers’ paradise full of ultra-affordable housing. In reality, it’s the Green Belt. It’s beautiful. And if they were allowed to build houses on it, developers would build expensive houses to match. So everyone – political ideologues, NIMBYs and the other 99.9% of the population – would lose something which helps make this area so pleasant …in exchange for for almost nothing at all.

Here is the guide: it’s a PDF document, and although the process of writing a short objection looks tortuous, it’s really not. I’ve done it myself. Just find yourself 15 minutes and show you care. And don’t forget – please email friends, family and colleagues to let them know about this.


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