Four council candidates standing in Queen Edith’s

The nominations closed today (Thursday) for the forthcoming city council election, and there will be four candidates asking for our vote in Queen Edith’s in four weeks’ time. I have written on my own blog about how I feel the Council should provide a web page explaining the election, its background, and the candidates, and I intend to provide an example of that here, once I’ve got the required information together. Assuming they’ll talk to me, I also intend to put some questions to each of the candidates; if you have any suggestions for these, please let me know (my email).

In the meantime, here are our four candidates. Indications are that there’s going to be more competition than last year, as I’ve already had information from three candidates through my letterbox, and there’s plenty of time left.

Screenshot 2014-04-24 22.09.23

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  1. Great idea to put q’s to the candidates. No doubt Green Belt retention will be high on the list – I hope! PS and damn right the council should provide a webpage as you suggest.

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