Planning Application News: Mowbray Road

Note: This service for readers of this email and blog brings you news of planning applications in Queen Edith’s, along with details on how to provide your opinions on the applications to the council planning committee. All feedback on this service is welcome.

Where is the planning application for?
25A Mowbray Road

What do they want to do?
Significantly extend and convert a detached house upwards and outwards to form 7 ‘residential units’. There is far less information given than is usual with applications like this ? not much more than the basic floorplans and elevations.

Has the property had significant planning applications before?
Not since its construction, in 1993.

What does the site look like at the moment?

When is the last date for people to comment?
Wed 04 Oct 2017

Where is there more information available?
? Click here to read all the documents on the application.
? Click here to read any public comments already made.

How do I make a comment to the council planning committee?
? Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
? Click here to email your comments to the case officer, Charlotte Burton. You must quote reference 17/1578/FUL.

As well as commenting to the council, you may also wish to comment below, for other local residents to read.

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7 Replies to “Planning Application News: Mowbray Road”

  1. I would encourage people to think about the impact of parking 6 cars across the frontage of the building, and to look at the arrangements for bike access/bin storage at the rear. And then we can move on to discussing the finer points of the aesthetics …

    1. It will look like the starting grid at a Formula One race. From a practical point of view, are the owners expected to drive their cars down the pavement to reach the road, or will there be an application to remove the tree and the verge?

  2. There are currently FOUR applications in Queen Edith’s ward to replace family homes with one and two bed units. The Queen Edith’s councillors (maybe all councillors?) seem unwilling to make any waves, and are certainly uninterested in taking a cold hard look at what is happening – just about everywhere in this city. We residents are left to battle each application (assuming we become aware of them in time). It is very, very depressing, and feels impossible.

    1. I got so confused by them all (more tomorrow, by the way) that in my comment on the council website regarding this one, I mistakenly referred to it as being in Queen Edith’s Way. It is hard to keep up.

  3. Objecting to, and preventing the building of, are two very different issues – the first is easy, the second often impossible given the current planning regulations. Parking will be an issue – Mowbray Road has a byelaw prohibiting parking on the verge.

  4. Should this application be approved the house will become an HMO (house of multiple occupation) and therefore require far stricter safety rules. These come under a different part of the City Council – not within planning – and will require prompting once the building becomes occupied – their Council Tax will take a massive hike too.

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