Planning Application News: Queen Edith’s Way (again)

Where is the planning application for?
3 and 5 Queen Edith’s Way, near the Long Road crossroads

What do they want to do?
The plans have been published for the site which has been occupied by 3 and 5 Queen Edith’s Way, the demolition of which was covered here. As predicted, the developers want to cram six three-storey detached houses into the plot. Each has a small garden and two car parking spaces.

What do the plans look like?

In one of the application documents (“FINAL PLANNING STATEMENT NOVEMBER 2016”), it’s revealed that the plans were discussed with council officers as far back as September (“Pre-Application Advice”) although this week is the first time the plans have been revealed to local residents:

I can’t see any list of “Notified Neighbours” accompanying the plans on the council website, as is usual. If anyone knows why, I’d be interested in the reason (use the comments section below). Perhaps our councillors know?

When is the last date for local people to comment?
Comments are welcome until 20 January 2017 (a new, extended deadline).

Where is there more information available?
Click here to read all the documents. The document titled “DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT” is the most extensive (the council’s system doesn’t allow me to link to documents directly, sorry).

How do I make a comment?
Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
Click here to email your comments to the case officer, Michael Hammond. You must quote reference 16/2135/FUL.

As well as commenting to the council, please add any information which you have below, for other local residents to read.

5 Replies to “Planning Application News: Queen Edith’s Way (again)”

  1. You asked for comments, and whether or not our Councillors might like to comment. We know, from his previous comments, that Lib Dem Cllr Tim Moore is broadly accepting of this kind of local destruction.

    If local Councillors were doing their job on behalf of existing residents, and protecting the overal environment of our once lovely city, there would be no need to actually seek their views…

  2. Chris comments that there is no list of neighbours who have been consulted for the simple reason that nobody has. Even now when the plans are ‘in the public domain’ no neighbours have been notified of the plans nor is there any notice displayed outside the property. Are neither of these things a requirement of major planning applications anymore?

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