Planning Application News: Queen Edith’s Way

Two years ago I reported on an application to change the use of the former “Hollies” residential care home on Queen Edith’s Way into a hotel (or guest house, as the applicant described it). The application was refused by the City Council on the basis of there being “insufficient evidence … to indicate that there is no demand for the use of the site from a supported housing operator in this location. No evidence has been provided to demonstrate whether the proposed tourist accommodation would strengthen and diversify the range of short-stay accommodation within Cambridge city.”

Now the property’s latest owners have notified the council of their intention to demolish the building. This notification is a formality to check there are no reasons why they can’t do this, and as the residents fighting for the preservation of 291 and 292 Hills Road discovered last year, there will probably not be any.

The property was put up for sale in 2016 requesting offers in excess of ?2.95 million. It was re-advertised earlier this year and was finally sold to a Cambridge-based property development company for ?3.5M last month. The application for demolition appeared within two weeks.

For more information, see planning application 18/1904/DEMDET on the City Council website. There is no opportunity to make a public comment there, only a statement which says: “This notifies the Council of proposed work or development not needing its permission. The Council will not be approving or refusing the proposal, so comments are not invited.” However, you may wish to email the case officer, Lorna Gilbert, at You may also wish to contact our local councillors, Colin McGerty (, Jennifer Page-Croft (, or George Pippas (

There is very little about 11 Queen Edith’s Way on the Capturing Cambridge website, so if you have any information about the history of the building or the site, please email the team there at with whatever you know.

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  1. Here we go again…..No developer pays ?3.5 million for a plot without a bloody great ?Nod and a Wink? that planning permission WILL be granted, for as many (overseas investor friendly) luxury flats as can fit onto the site.

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