Planning Application News: Nightingale Avenue

Where is the planning application for?
45 Nightingale Avenue, opposite the park.

What do they want to do?
What do you think? Of course ? they want to demolish the house and squeeze two new ones in its place.

What do the site and the proposed development look like?
Here’s the current house…

…and here’s what they want to build…

(No elevation drawings of the new houses in situ were provided by the architects, so I’ve had to drop them into the streetscape provided. I hope this is correct. As ever, there are no photorealistic images of the proposed developments.)

Each of the proposed houses has approximately the same floor area as the existing house. Four side-by-side car parking spaces are planned right across the front of the two properties, Formula One starting grid style.

Has the property had significant planning applications before?

When is the last date for people to comment?
Thu 1 Feb 2018

Where is there more information available?
? Click here to read all the documents on the application.
? Click here to read any public comments already made.

How do I make a comment to the council planning committee?
? Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
? Click here to email your comments to the case officer, Rob Brereton. You must quote reference 17/2261/FUL.

As well as commenting to the council, you may also wish to comment below, for other local residents to read.

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2 Replies to “Planning Application News: Nightingale Avenue”

  1. I do not think this application should be approved, it is just cramming in another house and spoiling the look of Nightingale Avenue, and might even encourage others to do the same.

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