Planning Application News: more on Queen Edith’s Way

Note: This is an extra service for readers of this email and blog, where I bring you news of planning applications in Queen Edith’s, along with details on how to provide your opinions on the applications to the council planning committee. All feedback on this service is welcome.

Where is the planning application for?
11 Queen Edith’s Way (“The Hollies”)

What does the site look like?

What do they want to do?
Change the use of the building from a Residential Care Home to a 26-room guest house. According to the application document, the residential care home has already ceased trading as it became unviable. No alterations are proposed which will ‘materially affect the external appearance of the building’. However, extensive changes will take place in the grounds to allow for up to 18 car parking spaces and 30 cycle parking spaces.

When is the last date for local people to comment?
Thursday 24 November 2016.

Where is there more information available?
Click here to read all the documents on the application.
Click here to read any public comments already made.

How do I make a comment to the council planning committee?
Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
Click here to email your comments to the Case Officer, Sav Patel, at the City Council Planning Department. You must quote reference “16/1913/FUL”.

As well as commenting to the council, you may also wish to comment below, for other local residents to read.

2 Replies to “Planning Application News: more on Queen Edith’s Way”

  1. First of all, let’s not mince words – with 26 bedrooms plus manager’s flat, this is a hotel, not a ‘guest house’ . (This article is very helpful in understanding the differences: )

    Assuming the developer is correct in its assertion that use as a hotel will generate no more traffic movements on and off the site than the residential home did, then that’s one potential area of objection resolved. But how would the planning dept assess that? And it’s an important consideration, given that access is across a shared use path (at least for the time being).

    I also wonder about the timing of the coming and going of guests from the hotel compared to the previous residents. I doubt many of them came back from a night out on the tiles in Cambridge after midnight, but that wouldn’t be an implausible scenario for hotel guests. I am trying – and currently failing – to think of another hotel of that size in an entirely residential neighbourhood in the city. The plans show a ‘breakfast room’ rather than a restaurant, so presumably guests will have to go out for dinner.

    The developer’s plan asserts that the impact on the garden at the front of the property will be slight. I’m not so sure from looking at the plans – but maybe I am bad at visualising these things.

    Presumably, as this is a change of use rather than a new development, there are no S106 monies feeding back into the local community. Given the proposals for Nos 3 & 5 QEW, this might be a price worth paying for reworking the existing building rather than levelling the site and starting over.

  2. I can’t believe that this development won’t add to traffic movement – I don’t think many Hollies residents had their own cars. It would also be interesting to understand what market this facility would be aimed at. It seems curious that they are planning for 30 cycle parking spaces. In my experience not many people arrive at Guest Houses/Hotels on their bikes!

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