Planning Application News: Glebe Road/Mowbray Road

Note: This is an extra service for readers of this email and blog, where I bring you news of planning applications in Queen Edith’s, along with details on how to provide your opinions on the applications to the council planning committee. All feedback on this service is welcome.

Where is the planning application for?
70 Mowbray Road, corner of Glebe Road

What does the site look like?

What do they want to do?
Build a 47sq.m three-room bungalow at the end of the garden of 70 Mowbray Road (see below)

What will it look like?

When is the last date for local people to comment?
Unknown – check here for details

Has the property had planning applications before?
An application for a larger building in the same position was turned down earlier in the year.

Where is there more information available?
Click here to read all the documents on the application.
Click here to read any public comments already made.

How do I make a comment to the council planning committee?
Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
Click here to email your comments to the City Council Planning Department. You must quote reference “16/1790/FUL”

As well as commenting to the council, you may also wish to comment below, for other local residents to read.

One Reply to “Planning Application News: Glebe Road/Mowbray Road”

  1. Without having a view about this particular application, I am not clear what the Council’s planning policy is regarding gardens and selective building. If you live further in the centre then building in the back garden has been permitted (Coleridge Road etc. ) , if you live further out (Nine Elms etc) or even further in (Brooklands Ave) then gardens are not seen to be a requirement for new builds.

    If the policy is to enable the general public to benefit, at least visually, from garden space then why hide the gardens at the Marque and other developments at the junction of Hills and Cherry Hinton Road behind a wall of brick?

    Roadside frontage seems to be king, so you can build as long as you have such (Glebe Road) but this hides gardens even further behind brick. However, if you are a developer and can afford to pull down a house (corner of Hills Ave/Road) and or skirt a house to access gardens for building (corner of Glebe Road and Baldock Way) then that seems to be permissible. If you re a single homeowner then it is not so clear (current Hills Avenue application).

    If the aim is to preserve green spaces for wildlife and other reasons then a policy to maximise such benefit would seem in order.

    It appears that many refusals are based on the whim of the Planning Department and the reasons somewhat unpredictable, perhaps for a worthy cause but any rules are not transparent. Some clarification with definitive guidance would be useful both for the prospective developer and local residents.

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