Planning Application News: Baldock Way

UPDATE: Permission for this demolition was granted by the City Council on Mon 06 Nov 2017

Where is the planning application for?
23 Baldock Way, next to the Allotments

What do they want to do?

Demolish the bungalow below and replace it with a “detached three bedroom residential unit”.

Has the property had significant planning applications before?
There have been several applications before to demolish this bungalow and replace it. At least one was approved. You can see the full history here.

What do the site and the proposed development look like?
Here’s an aerial view of the area, with the bungalow in question in the centre.

Here’s the applicant’s plan for the new building. The neighbours to the south are the semi-detached houses 71 and 73 Glebe Road.

Here’s the architect’s front elevation. I think the dashed lines refer to a previous application.

There do not appear to be any photorealistic images of the proposed building in situ provided by the applicant. As ever, I feel these should be mandatory. Strong objections have already been made from the owners and occupiers of 69, 71 and 73 Glebe Road, which are available under “Comments” on the website below.

When is the last date for people to comment?
Tuesday 20 Jun 2017

Where is there more information available?
? Click here to read all the documents on the application.
? Click here to read any public comments already made.

How do I make a comment to the council planning committee?
? Click here to add your own comment online.
Note: you will need to log in or register first.
? Click here to email your comments to the case officer, Sav Patel. You must quote reference 17/0792/FUL.

As well as commenting to the council, you may also wish to comment below, for other local residents to read.

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  1. The proposal does not appear to be built to passivehouse spec, nor AECB silver/gold. Nothing less than that should be built anywhere in 2017. The application says “In accordance with current building regulations the house will be insulated to a very high standard” which is oxymoronic: current building regs are feeble. So it may well be a significant improvement on the 1960s(?) house that is currently there, it is nothing like good enough.

    It’s madness to build new houses without proper attention to insulaiton and airtightness given the need to get off gas in the next 15-20 years. Sadly, because building regs are so shoddy it’s currently more or less impossible for planning to actually enforce this, but Cambridge could do much more to at least strongly encourage it.

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