First update for Netherhall Farm housing estate plans

As local residents, we lost the argument several years ago over the two new housing estates proposed for Worts’ Causeway. They were – and remain – the wrong idea in the wrong place. Since then, it’s been a case of trying to mitigate this inappropriate piece of planning, which threatens to create a chaotic traffic spot on the A1307, make quiet streets like Field Way into major cycling and pedestrian thoroughfares, and inevitably change the character of Worts’ Causeway forever.

The two estates have been given to separate developers, which conveniently makes them look smaller individually and enables the amenities required to be minimised. Both developers published their initial proposals earlier this year, and now the group behind the estate between Worts’ Causeway and Beaumont Road (‘GB1’ or ‘Netherhall Farm’)  has submitted its first update. This claims to be taking into account the objections raised by the public, but adds in aspects such as a widening of the road which will inevitably increase speeds.

I’d urge you to have a read, and to start a conversation below. Here’s what to do…

  1. If you would like some background on the whole project, I wrote some thoughts earlier in the year here which you may want to read. Don’t worry, this page will still be here when you come back.
  2. If you didn’t read it back in April, you may want to look at the main design document for the development, which can be found here. I made a copy for you because the council planning system’s website is so awful it’s often impossible to reach.
  3. Read the brand new, 20-page “Design Addendum” document here. Again, I’ve made a copy for you.
  4. Let me and other residents have your thoughts and observations in the comments below.
  5. Respond to the council formally here. Keep trying if the site is having one of its slow days. Click ‘Comments’ to read what others have said.

The full documentation for the project (20/01972/OUT) can be found on the council planning system here.

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3 Replies to “First update for Netherhall Farm housing estate plans”

  1. When GB1/2 were approved for development in the 2018 Local Plan, commitments were made about retaining the rural character of Wort’s Causeway, so the suggestion of widening it is disappointing and concerning on several grounds – ecological, increased traffic speeds and volumes, visual impact … I would encourage everyone to take the time to study these documents and feed their views back to the Planning service. I know it’s a busy time of year but if we miss this opportunity to feed back views, the juggernaut will keep rolling regardless.

  2. Thanks for the summary and continuing to bring this to our attention.

    I can’t help feeling that there are a lot of issues hiding behind the Estate-agent style language being used. It’s obfuscating for sure e.g. although scanned through I was unable to find the statement about the proposed widening of Wort’s Causeway which as you say will lead to increased speeds etc. (The road is already being used as a test of speed for many drivers as they put their foot down having left the traffic jams of Hills Road.) On balance, are the proposed changes for the benefit of (a) the future occupants, (b) current residents, (c) the developers?

  3. Simon, the road widening comment is included in an annotation of the drawing titled “PROPOSED GB1 SITE ACCESS ARRANGEMENT”. And neither current residents or future occupants benefit from the continued absence of a ‘back door’ exit for bikes and pedestrians. The transport arrangements for this site make no sense and I can’t understand why County Highways are complicit in this.

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