We discover that the EF Language School wants to grow

Well, that was a shock. A neighbour comes around clutching a letter from the council (below) saying that the EF Language School, a building a couple of doors up Hills Road from us, is to be demolished and replaced with a huge new building with full-time residential accommodation for students. At the same time, our local Liberal Democrat councillors post a newsletter through the door with the same news.

This doesn’t sound like a particularly attractive thing for the residents of the area. Fortunately, the Cambridge City Council’s Planning Services Department publish all the relevant information on their website, as I’m sure is normal for all councils these days. There are already 50 to 100 documents to wade through. It’s a serious scheme.

One of the documents which catches my eye is called the “Notified Neighbours List”. I notice that despite there being just two houses between my own and the proposed development, my family are presumably not considered “neighbours” and we’re not on the list. That’s both strange and slightly irritating.

So, it looks like there’s a lot of paperwork to go through. And we’ve only got just over two weeks to comment to the council.

I’ll be back.

Information letter from the Council

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