Thumbs Down for the EF Language School development from CambridgePPF

Cambridge Past, Present & Future, the important local charity which works “to keep Cambridge and its surroundings special”, has objected to the EF Language School development with reference to a number of points in the Cambridge Local Plan. The plan is the main consideration in the determination of planning applications in the area, and has survived a legal challenge from a developer and the need for specific approval by the secretary of state.

In particular, CambridgePPF considers that the development’s increased footprint and massing are in conflict with Local Plan Policies 3/4, 3/12a and 3/14 (“as they are not integrated with, and detract from, their context”). It believes that the third storey will adversely affect the growth of certain trees and is in direct conflict with Local Plan Policy 4/4, and that no overall transport strategy (including parking) has been provided to take account of the new residents and other users of the site, which is in conflict with Local Plan Policy 8/2. CambridgePPF also thinks that the proposals could be in conflict with Local Plan Policy 7/11 as the increase in teaching floor space may exceed 10% of the existing floor space.

The full letter to the council from CambridgePPF can be read by clicking on the image below.

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