Council refuses Planning Permission for EF Language School demolition

Apologies, no time for any real commentary as I’m away from my desk, but the team at Cambridge City Council have done the right thing and refused EF Language School planning permission to build their “Travelodge” on Hills Road.

Full details here. (If the document is “unavailable at this time”, as often happens with direct links, visit the Council website and scroll down to ‘Decision Notice’ under ‘Documents’.)

Refusal of Planning Permission notice

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  1. This is fantastic news. It is wonderful that the council have listened to the huge outcry from the community in opposition to this development. I fear that the battle may not be over and that we will need to maintain our efforts, however this refusal seems very damning and EF will have great difficulty addressing the many points on which the application was refused. Thank you Chris for helping to raise the visibility of this issue on behalf of our community.

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