City Council recommends EF Language School withdraw their proposal

After assessing reports from other Council officers, and taking into account public and professional comments, the Planning Officer at Cambridge City Council has decided to recommend that the applicants withdraw their proposal for development of the EF Language School.

In a letter to the architects, Senior Planning Officer Sophie Pain says: “the proposal cannot be supported because of a number of concerns”. These include an apparent increase in teaching space, loss of privacy for neighbours, overbearing impact, problems with waste disposal, inadequate cycle storage facilities, the architecture in context, the likely detrimental impact to the trees, lack of drainage, and a lack of on-site public art.

Ms Pain concludes:

“I consider that there are some fundamental principles of the proposed development that need to be addressed, mainly its size and function. I do not believe that the proposal before me has considered the comments made by Tony Collins in 2010 and amendments cannot be accepted in order for Officers to consider this proposal acceptable.

“The proposed building is too large and the expectation to provide residential accommodation for 90 students on site is too great. The associated facilities cannot be accommodated in a satisfactory manner and the impact upon neighbouring properties amenity is harmed to a level that warrants refusal.

“The proposal fails to address key pieces of Supplementary Planning Documents that have been issued in addition to its failure to comply with local plan policies.

“I would suggest that the application is withdrawn as amendments cannot be made to this proposal. If a withdrawal is not forthcoming, then the application will be refused under delegated powers by the determination date of 17th August 2012.”

The full letter can be seen on the Council website here (in Microsoft Word .doc format).

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