Yellow lines for Netherhall Way and Beaumont Road

The County Council is planning to put yellow lines in Netherhall Way, Chalk Grove and Beaumont Road. According to the plans (below), in Netherhall Way there will be double yellow lines added at the Beaumont Road junction (there already double yellow lines at the Almoners’ Avenue end), and at the Chalk Grove junction. There will also be a single yellow line along the entire northern side of the road (covering Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Signs for this will be put on two lamp-posts and five new standalone columns.

In Beaumont Road, the plan is to add double yellow lines on the 20m of roadway leading up to the Netherhall Way junction.

The council’s plans are below (click to enlarge), along with the public notice which gives details of how to comment on the proposals.

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  1. Hi
    As one of the Addenbrooke’s ‘commuters’ currently parking in Netherhall Road, Chalk Grove or Beaumont Road I completely support the proposed parking restrictions as detailed above. I agree that Netherhall Road is too narrow to accommodate parking on both sides and to allow safe and easy access especially for emergency vehicles as well as delivery lorries etc.
    That said I don’t understand the reasoning behind just a single yellow line along the entire northern side of Netherhall Road. Surely good access is required all days of the week not just Mon to Fri. Double yellow lines seem more appropriate.
    As said in other similar forums removing the Park and Ride ?1 parking charge would further encourage a move away from residential streets.

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