Yellow lines for Baldock Way to be discussed next week

Parking restrictions for Baldock Way will be discussed (and decided on) at a council meeting next week. The proposals also cover Cavendish Avenue and Lady Jane Court, and were requested by local residents and supported by councillors.

The first proposal is for double yellow lines on the whole of the west side of Baldock Way between Cavendish Avenue and Blinco Grove, along with a shorter length on the east side and a new disabled badge holder parking space outside Morley Court. There will also be some short lengths of double yellow lines on Cavendish Avenue to maintain access into Lady Jane Court. A second proposal will put double yellow lines on Baldock Way between Cavendish Avenue and Hills Avenue. In addition, it is planned to install knee-high fencing on Baldock Way to prevent parking on the verges.

I hope the council committee approves these proposals. It’s a shame that motorists couldn’t be community-minded or considerate enough to avoid having to implement them, but that’s the way it is. Baldock Way was becoming increasingly dangerous or impassable to pedestrians and cyclists, a situation only brought forward by the knock-on effects of the Morley residents parking scheme. I hope that lessons have been learned about the impact on small neighbouring roads of other potential future residents parking schemes.

Thanks to our county councillor Amanda Taylor for alerting us to this item. It’s a public meeting, so do feel free to attend if you would like to hear the discussion. I’ve extracted full details from the documentation and they’re available here.

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