Queen Edith’s has a pub again!


The brand new “Queen Edith” public house in Wulfstan Way opened for business on Friday lunchtime, and proved unmissable for this particular local resident. It’s a lovely purpose-built pub, set far enough back from the road to make it very pleasant to sit out front on a sunny day. For an opening day, business seemed to be going very smoothly. There’s a great lineup of beers, and a decent food list. We were joined for a drink by parliamentary candidate Heidi Allen, and council candidate George Pippas – nice to see our politicians getting out with the people. Do give it a try – I think you’ll like it.

Strangely, the pub and the brewery which owns it don’t seem to have put any information about the pub online, but The Queen Edith does have a Twitter account, @QueenEdithPub, which might be a way of contacting them if you need to.

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  1. Nice to have a pub again (not that we ever went to the last one!) but was disappointed with the lack of friendliness from the staff. Maybe they were having an off day!

  2. Certainly good to have a pub again, especially one from Milton Brewery (although I do wish they’d have a curtain or two so it wasn’t quite so LOUD – same as the haymakers). The Old QE was actually very nice and well-run for its last couple of years, but hardly anyone went so it died. Let’s hope that a reboot keeps this one well-attended. You’d think that a huge hospital megaplex a few hundred metres away with no other pub for best part of a mile in any direction would be enough.

  3. I was assailed by the landlord for not paying an earlier ?18 bill and threatened with a large bank bill.
    This was total fiction. I had not even been there on the day he stated, still less not paid a bill.

    I got a grudging apology from him stating that it was mistaken identity, but it was enough to put me off going there again – ever.

    A totally unsuitable person to run a pub.

    Avoid with a very long, disinfected barge pole.

  4. Great beer and good food but don’t even think about going for a meal if your party is larger than four. The seating in the dining area is composed of high backed settles which severely limits how many people you can squeeze into them. And the tables are too narrow to place two plates opposite each other! It’s just plain silly really when it’s obvious there’s plenty of space for a more sociable seating design plan.

    It’s also VERY LOUD so you end up shouting to make yourself heard.

    I’m hoping these are teething troubles which will soon be corrected. Otherwise I fear this pub may share the fate of the last quite horrible Queen Edith.

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