Queen Edith’s Community Action Morning a big success

The first ever Queen Edith’s Community Action Morning last Saturday was considered a big success, and I know that the organisers would be very grateful for any feedback and suggestions from anyone reading this who attended the event. Do use the comments section at the bottom of this page to have your say. What did you find useful? What could be done better if we all get together to do it again?

While you think about it, here are some photos from the day.












4 Replies to “Queen Edith’s Community Action Morning a big success”

  1. For me, the community skip was brilliant, and helped me enormously. I am 92 years old, and can only walk very limited distances. I could off-load onto the skip a number of metal and tough glass items that had been getting into the way in our garden very inconveniently, saving me a long drive (and use of petrol!) to the nearest dropping off point for such items. A tiny detail for those who are fit, but a great boon for me, as visitors can now really enjoy our garden! And many thanks to the volunteers who so cheerfully unloaded my items.

  2. A really brilliant event! I got rid of some big bits of old furniture that no one wanted (yes, I tried all the charity shops etc etc, but no one seemed to want them) that they even sent the truck round to collect, and when I carried round no longer wanted garden furniture, it was snapped up before I even got it there! Also got my bike wheels nicely pumped up. But what I liked best of all was the community atmosphere. Many thanks to all the organisers and volunteer helpers on the day. It really was a great day! Thank you!!

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