Huge new housing development planned for Cherry Hinton

This is a bit out of our patch, but it’s such a huge development that I’m sure it will be of interest to anyone living in the eastern end of Queen Edith’s. Initial proposals have been announced for housing on what’s called “land north of Cherry Hinton”, but which in reality is the southern part of the Cambridge Airport site. Some 1,200 houses and flats are proposed for the site, which will – according to the introductory document – “celebrate views across the airport”. It looks to me as if some houses will be less than 300m from the runway across an open field. I’m assuming earplugs will be included for house-buyers.

We’re at the “public urged to have their say” stage of planning, with the consultation ending on 2nd October. You can read the City Council’s news release on the development here and you can read the full 82-page planning document here (or click on the image below). Warning: contains lots of words like “vibrant”, “harmony” and “countryside”. To make any comments, the online system is here. Where they’re not greyed out, click on the little magnifying glass symbols to see the comments already made. Register with the system to add your own thoughts.

3 Replies to “Huge new housing development planned for Cherry Hinton”

  1. If it is ‘affordable’ and targeted at Cambridge workers then great. If it contains a high promotion of ‘executive homes’, ‘student’ accommodation, or ‘investment opportunities’ then forget it. Changing the character of Cambridge is only justifiable if residents and/or workers reap the benefit.

  2. The first stage to taking over the whole airfield. Residents will almost certainly get fed up with aircraft noise and then eventually Marshalls will have to move.

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