Cambridge Airport and its planning applications


The following information has been sent to me by local resident Ken Hart, a member of a long-established group called South Cambridgeshire Against Marshall’s (SCAM), who thought that an update on their activities might be of interest.

Ken says: “Cambridge Airport recently boasted the completion and use of its second passenger terminal. The original passenger terminal has been upgraded and remains in place and use. The expansion is in addition to the existing flights and airport activities that were being operated prior to the expansion.

“Increase in noise, adverse emissions and traffic to and from the airport is inevitable. It will impact adversely on all properties and people within or adjacent to the flight path. The expansion was executed without any reference to or consultation, with South Cambs District Council, Cambridge City Council or the Cambridge Airport Consultative Committee (CACC). Cambridge Airport has not sought consultation with the district or city councils. No formal assessments or documents to determine the planning status and adverse environment effects have been applied.

“SCAM is a local Environmental Interest Group (EIG) formed by residents who have serious concerns about the adverse impact of the airport’s activities and the planning status of its buildings. The group has been a member of the CACC for 11 years and is currently challenging the planning status of the development and the absence of Environmental Assessments. The airport will not provide documents to SCAM that prove formal planning consultation, analysis, assessment and decision. To our knowledge, South Cambs District Council has not received documents (from the airport) that would indicate that due diligence has been applied.

“We are seeking opinions, concerns and support from other residents who believe Cambridge Airport should be subjected to a formal planning application. SCAM will be making a formal complaint to SCDC and will request a root and branch examination of the planning status of all of the aviation buildings.”

If you would like to show your support, or find out more please send an email to Mr Hart.

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