Anger at Wandlebury redundancies


Wandlebury, while being outside of Cambridge proper, is our closest country park, and is of course frequently visited by many Queen Edith’s residents. It has been run by Cambridge PPF (Past, Present & Future), formerly The Cambridge Preservation Society, for over 60 years, and is described as the charity’s “jewel in the crown”. In recent weeks, however, there has been considerable disquiet amongst members and visitors over a decision to make three of the seven staff who worked as rangers redundant on the 5 January.

A letter to Cambridge PPF members from its Chairman, Robin Pellew, explains the decision, and there’s much more on this “fact sheet”.

Local blogger (and singer-songwriter) John Meed has summed up the opposition to the move here. John says: “We have known the rangers well for many years and are impressed by their kindness and competence ? in their time Wandlebury has been transformed. However, in a manner that reflects the nasty neo-liberal climate we currently live in, CPPF apparently thinks their work can be done ?better and more cheaply? by a mixture of part-timers, volunteers and contractors.”

The “Friends of Wandlebury” are calling for an extraordinary meeting of Cambridge PPF unless the rangers are reinstated, alleging that the charity “uses its funds badly, mismanages its properties and has treated its loyal employees with contempt.

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  1. The wildlife park has been looked after by 3 full time expert Rangers. At weekends there is a rota of 3 very experienced assistant rangers There was also an Education officer who spent one third of her time on the work of the park. The 3 experts have been sacked. Two of the 3 assistants have resigned. The Education officer is now a Manager, and apparently knows enough to replace the professional wildlife managers. There is now no one on the site who is a trained stock handler. The cattle are suffering. 4 x 4s have driven over the grass already. Logs have been stolen. What happens if someone cuts the fences and lets the Highland Cattle out onto the main road?

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