Full slate of candidates from major parties for South Cambridgeshire

With announcements last week from the UK Independence Party and the Labour Party, the South Cambridgeshire constituency now has a full slate of candidates from the five major political parties for the 2015 General Election. Don’t forget that Queen Edith’s is not in Cambridge for parliamentary elections. It remains to be seen whether any independent candidates or representatives of minor parties will join these five.

We’ll be discussing the candidates and the issues on this blog before the election, as well as looking at the local council election which will be held on the same day. But in the meantime, I thought you might be interested to see the candidates so far declared. The information about them online, with the honourable exception of Ms Allen, is so far rather scarce, to say the least – worryingly so, in the case of Sebastian Kindersley and Simon Saggers, who’ve been candidates for quite some time. For the four without their own websites, I’ve linked to anything I can find which is interesting.

Heidi Allen

(Conservative Party)
Candidate website

Dan Greef

(Labour Party)
Candidate Twitter feed

Sebastian Kindersley

(Liberal Democrats)
Contact page at local party website

Marion Mason

Local party website

Simon Saggers

(Green Party)
Information page at local party website

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