Conservative candidate selected for general election


The South Cambridgeshire Conservative Association has selected Heidi Allen to be its candidate in next year’s General Election, filling the vacancy left by Andrew Lansley’s retirement. Although council elections would indicate that there isn’t particularly strong support for the Conservatives here in Queen Edith’s, Mr Lansley had a large majority in the constituency as a whole, so Ms Allen will be firm favourite to succeed him next May.

Ms Allen applied to become the Conservative parliamentary candidate for next-door South East Cambridgeshire a year ago, but was not selected (although she perhaps should have been) in a somewhat “farcical” election. South Cambridgeshire should now prove to be more than adequate compensation.

Ms Allen is the managing director of her family business, RS Bike Paint, a major supplier of paint for motorbikes. She is not a local candidate, currently holding a post as councillor for South Marshalswick Ward of St Albans District Council, but we’re sure that she knows where Queen Edith’s is (just in case not, there’s a handy map above). If you’re wondering what we’re doing in South Cambridgeshire, Ms. Allen, don’t worry …we’re just as baffled.

Here at Queen Edith’s Online, we’d like to welcome Ms Allen as our prospective next MP, and look forward to covering her campaign next year.

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