George Pippas re-elected as Queen Edith’s city councillor


George Pippas, one of our three Liberal Democrat councillors for Queen Edith’s, has been re-elected to the city council for another four years. At under 34%, George’s vote share was the lowest for the Liberal Democrats for over 20 years, but it was still easily enough to hold off Labour’s candidate Matt Worth, whose party’s vote share also fell compared to last May. This was just enough (by 9 votes!) to hold on to second place ahead of Andy Bower, who continued the Conservatives’ recent year-on-year vote share increase. Joel Chalfen kept the Green vote steady at 12%, and Candido Channell marked UKIP’s return to the ward with just under 5% of the total.


Queen Edith’s city council election result 2015 in full

(Vote shares compared to the May 2014 election)

George Pippas Liberal Democrat 1,502 33.7% –8.9%
Matt Worth Labour 1,102 24.7% –5.0%
Andy Bower Conservative 1,093 24.5% +8.2%
Joel Chalfen Green 546 12.2% +0.8%
Candido Channell UKIP 213 4.8%
Majority 400 9.0%

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  1. How were my predictions? Pretty good, for once, although I believed the Conservatives would narrowly overtake Labour, and that would have required just 10 more votes. Otherwise, I got everyone’s vote to within about 2%.

    George Pippas (Liberal Democrat): Predicted 32%, got 34%
    Andy Bower (Conservative): Predicted 24%, got 25%
    Matt Worth (Labour): Predicted 23%, got 25%
    Joel Chalfen (Green): Predicted 14%, got 12%
    Candido Channell (UKIP): Predicted 7%, got 5%

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