Queen Edith’s City Council Election 2014 Guide

An Unofficial, Independent Guide For Residents

What is this election for?

The election on Thursday 22 May 2014 is for a Councillor to represent the residents of Queen Edith’s ward on Cambridge City Council.

There are four candidates. The voting system is “first past the post” – voters choose one candidate, and the candidate with the most votes wins.

You can find out about what the City Council does here. You can find out how to vote here.

Queen Edith’s Ward

Queen Edith’s ward is the area on the south side of Cambridge centred around Hills Road and Queen Edith’s Way. It is one of 14 wards in Cambridge. The ward has three City Councillors. One Councillor is elected in each election year, to serve for four years.

The Queen Edith’s Councillor currently holding the position which is up for election is Jean Swanson (Liberal Democrat).
Jean Swanson is not re-standing for election.
The two Councillors from Queen Edith’s ward whose terms of office are not up for election this year are:
Sue Birtles (Labour)
George Pippas (Liberal Democrat).
Previous election results are listed at the foot of this page.

The Four Candidates in Queen Edith’s

Previous Election Results in Queen Edith’s

2013 (County Council)

Amanda Taylor Liberal Democrat 1188 votes 45%
John Beresford Labour 931 votes 35%
Tom Bygott Conservative 361 votes 14%
William Birkin Green 172 votes 7%


Sue Birtles Labour 1084 40%
Amanda Taylor Liberal Democrat 963 35%
Richard Jeffs Conservative 513 19%
Martin Lawson Green 172 6%


George Pippas Liberal Democrat 1318 41%
Vince Marino Conservative 830 26%
Sue Birtles Labour 642 20%
Brian Westcott Green 416 13%


Jean Swanson Liberal Democrat 2,129 49%
Vince Marino Conservative 1,221 28%
Jonathan Goodacre Labour 541 12%
Brian Westcott Green 334 8%
Carol Jackson UKIP 122 3%

Other Information

Cambridge City Council Politics

The 15 Councillors who are elected on 22 May, including the Councillor elected in Queen Edith’s, will join 27 Councillors on Cambridge City Council whose terms of office are not up for election this year. The existing 27 Councillors, who include Sue Birtles and George Pippas from Queen Edith’s, classify themselves as follows:
Labour: 15
Liberal Democrat: 10
Conservative: 1
Independent: 1

About This Web Page

This web page was created by Queen Edith’s resident Chris Rand as a service to other voters in the ward, and as an example of what many people believe the Council itself should be offering, city-wide (perhaps in printed form too). If you agree and get a chance to lobby your local Councillor about getting this information provided, please do so.

Map linked to at the top courtesy of Richard Taylor.